OTEIZA CATELOGUE raisonné of sculpture (2 vol.) en français

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Jorge Oteiza Foundation Museum
Author: Txomin Badiola
Edition: FIRST. 2016
Pages: 512
ISBN: 978-84-15042-93-8
Size: 21 x 29 cm.


Product Description

The Fundación Museo Jorge Oteiza and Editorial Nerea publish a rigorous and documented study of all the sculptural work of Jorge Oteiza: 2,752 works preserved in public and private collections. The catalog is organized in two volumes, figurative work and abstract work, and is structured internally by families and experimental subgroups attending to the creative process of the sculptor.

In a carefully edited and under the scientific direction of the artist and scholar Txomin Badiola and the Oteiza Museum itself, this publication delves into the plastic and conceptual evolution that has given rise to the works. The catalog develops two lines that circulate in parallel and are visually distinguished: the cataloging of works (detailed information on materials, owners and exhibitions) and the experiential, biographical, artistic and experimental context in which the author made them. Each cataloged piece is accompanied by one or more photographic reproductions.

Both volumes are complemented by essays that analyze the works of Oteiza in relation to the historical context or with questions of conceptual and artistic nature.

The exhaustiveness and rigor applied to the study and the cataloging make of this work a resource of enormous value and utility for collectors, as well as for museums, gallery owners, specialists, professors and scholars of the sculptor’s work all over the world.

The book is published in Spanish, Basque and English, in independent editions.

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